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(Project lead)

I've been making maps for games since 1998. I went public in 2008 with GM_Rave and launched the GM_Ghosthunt trilogy for GMOD. After that I worked for a long time on a project called 'The Hartley Asylum', and wrote articles for Lambda Generation.

I dropped Hartley in 2016 due to asset drought, and started developing Entropy Zero (1). The rest is history!



(Mapbase & Code Support)

I'm a programmer and level designer also known for developing Mapbase, a base Source SDK mod used by Entropy : Zero 2.


I joined the Entropy : Zero 2 team at the end of December 2018 with little prior knowledge of Entropy : Zero. I was mostly just a detached contributor at first, but I only got more involved from there. I quickly became a full-on developer for the project and a huge fan of the series.


I've helped program several things for E:Z2, the most substantial of which are Bad Cop and Wilson's response systems, which I also helped write dialogue for. I created a few of E:Z2's levels as well (mostly in Chapter 5) and I'm also responsible for some major changes to the story and narrative, like splitting half of Chapter 4 into Chapter 4a.


Both Entropy : Zero and Entropy : Zero 2 also incorporate a few features I created for Mapbase, like citizen melee attacks.


Caleb West [CW3D/TheGuyInSlippers]

(Sound Design Lead & the voice of Wilson)

Hey y'all! My name is Caleb and I've been doing various contributions to the community for several years or so. It was some years ago that I actually started applying to become a team member for various smaller projects within the Half-Life community and as of recent I started getting asked to join certain teams! My work started off with me doing voice acting (most famous/known being my G-man impression) and music composing/editing, but a year or two ago I started getting into sound design for various things projects require, such as weapons and creature sounds, etc. Entropy : Zero was a project I had huge interest in ever since I had heard about it, so when I was asked to become a team member for Breadman's next project Entropy : Zero 2, I was thrilled and willing to help any way I could. Entropy : Zero 2 is currently one of my favourite projects to work on, I love it so far!



(Modelling Lead & Texturework)

Hey! I've been doing hobbyist modding work since 2014. I started with addons in Garry's Mod but gradually made my way into the modding scene. My past projects contributing to include Boreal Alyph and Project Borealis. I'm now lead developer on Raising the Bar Redux, and an unannounced mod scheduled for a steam release, and I do the majority of the model work on Entropy Zero: 2. I wanted to join EZ2 as EZ1 is one of my favourite mods of all time, and I was excited for an opportunity to work with Breadman. I hope to help shape the experience of the mod through aesthetic style, and I hope you enjoy the results!


Max Brando

(Discord Admin and Community Manager)

Hello everyone! I'm Max and I'm the community manager for the Entropy Zero discord. If you come join us, be sure to read the welcome and FAQ channel, I hope to see you there!


Spencer Baggett

(Soundtrack Lead)

Hello! Spencer here, I’m currently working on music for Entropy : Zero 2 and Boreal Alyph. I went to Clemson University receiving a degree in audio production. I got into the half-life modding community thanks to Breadman. He listened to my Half-Life Inspired series of songs on my Youtube channel and wanted to collaborate. I’m absolutely thrilled to be apart of this EZ2 team!


Sam "Trivvy" Pearson

(Community Manager, Media Lead & the voice of Bad Cop)

I'm a voice actor and professional lighting artist from England currently working in the games industry. I've been a huge Half-Life fan since playing Half-Life 2 back in 2007, and thoroughly enjoyed the first Entropy : Zero, so I was delighted to be given the chance to voice Bad Cop and assist with the development, contributing voice work, lighting art, and more. I hope you enjoy Entropy : Zero as much as I enjoy help making it.


Derek "1upD" Dik

(Coding Lead & Mapping)

I'm a software developer with a hobbyist interest in game design. In 2016, I released my first Half-Life 2 map as part of the BacktrackVille mapping challenge on RunThinkShootLive. Since then, I've frequently mapped for challenges. I started helping Breadman with code changes for Entropy : Zero 2 in November 2018. I manage the GitHub page for Entropy : Zero and administrate our remote git repositories. I am also working on some of the level design for Chapter 2.


Eugene Huang [Cyonsia]

(Gameplay Animator)

Hello, hello! I'm Cyonsia and I'm a 3D animator from the West Coast of Canada. I started out making Counter-Strike Source weapon skins in late 2014 and eventually moved onto animating thereafter. After a few years of not touching Source, I began animating weapon skins for Half-Life 2 and its mods, with my largest project being a complete overhaul of Estranged: Act 1's weaponry released in April 2019. After a short hiatus, I jumped onto the team in April 2020 as their weapon animator, and so far it's been a great experience!

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