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Here are some frequently asked questions. Some of these I get asked daily. I hope this list helps readers understand exactly what we’re doing with EZ2, and what to expect.


What is Entropy : Zero?

Entropy : Zero is a modification for Half-Life 2 Episode 2, which tells the story of a Combine Metrocop known as Unit 3650 or ‘Bad Cop’. Entropy : Zero strives to tell an interesting story from the perspective of the bad guys from the Half-Life universe.


When will Entropy : Zero 2 be released?

When it’s done. EZ2 is huge compared to its predecessor. We are setting the bar high for this mod. Earlier estimations put release around Q2 of 2020, but now we know for sure it’s going to be more like winter 2021 or mid-2022. Hang in there. There are some amazing things we’re doing in this mod and we need the time to make sure we deliver a product that meets our standards.


Is MMod compatible with Entropy : Zero?

Unfortunately not. Both Entropy : Zero 1 and 2 use custom binaries. These are DLL files that lie at the heart of the functioning game. MMod also uses custom binaries, separate to that of EZ. In order to get MMod to work with EZ, the source code for the two mods would have to be merged and compiled. This is not a simple process and it is not one we are currently looking to pursue as we believe EZ2’s combat shines with the changes we have made, and we don’t feel as though we need to adopt ADS (aim down sights) and such in this case. We promise you will not be disappointed with the combat in EZ2.


Will EZ2 be released on Steam?

Yes. Entropy : Zero 2 will be free. You will need to own Half-Life 2 and the two Episodes in order to play.


What’s the story with Entropy : Zero 2?

Players take on the role of Unit 3650 (AKA ‘Bad Cop’) again. This time around the Combine have given you a new body and a promotion. You’ll be playing as a Combine Elite tasked with heading to the arctic circle to track down and capture Dr. Judith Mossman.


Why can Bad Cop talk in Entropy : Zero 2? Elites don’t talk!

Giving Bad Cop a voice in EZ1 was great and I had some very specific reasons behind making that decision. The Entropy : Zero 2 story places a primary focus on Bad Cop as a character, and having him not talk would be severely detrimental to this purpose. In Entropy : Zero 2, Bad Cop is a unique unit capable of possessing all of his faculties. The reasonings for this are explained in the game.


Will Entropy : Zero 2 have new weapons?

Yes. We have a new Pistol, the MP5K, SLAMs and some brand new, fun and unique entries.


Will Entropy : Zero 2 have new npcs?

Yes! EZ2 boasts a plethora of new NPCs and we have also created NPC variants, which players and developers alike will enjoy fighting.


Are rebels improved in Entropy : Zero 2?

We love rebel combat in EZ2. With our new willpower system, npcs can charge right at you as long as they’re feeling brave enough. Some rebels though, are not so brave. And when they see Bad Cop pointing his weapons at them, they’ll run for it - sometimes even dropping their weapons and cowering. We’ve mixed things up as well, with long jump rebels and rebel brutes - two new rebel variants that will try to ruin your day. Rebels can now use grenades and can also employ the alternate fire capabilities of their weapons. Rebels are a force to be reckoned with in EZ2 and we know you’re going to love fighting them.


Is there squad combat in Entropy : Zero 2? I really loved the EZ1 intro etc…

Yes. We have a ton of squad combat options in EZ2. We’re all about giving players a choice, so it’s totally up to you. Soldiers work in the same way security guards worked in Half-Life 1. As you find them you can ask them to join your squad. They’ll follow you around, help you in combat, stare at interesting world elements and they may even reply to the odd comment Bad Cop makes. It’s totally up to you if you want to go solo or not. We’ve also adopted the Half-Life 2 squad control methods, so you can tell your soldiers to ‘go over there’ or ‘come back to me’. We have been able to make things very interesting with this. For example, have your soldiers stack up on a doorway before blasting your way through. The choice is yours!


How many chapters are there in Entropy : Zero 2?

Currently there are six (and a half) planned chapters in Entropy : Zero 2. Most chapters span 3-4 maps each and the mod overall contains 21 maps.


What are ‘deployments’?

Deployments are extra optional content created by players and occasionally us. We have big plans for deployments in Entropy : Zero 2. We will be looking into adopting the Steam Workshop as we approach release. We want players to be able to easily create and access player built maps easily from the in-game menu. We plan to make this as accessible as possible to enable the community to help Entropy : Zero 2 continue to thrive after its release. We also have plans to release our own ‘official’ deployments after release to help tell more stories about Bad Cop. We may even look to endorsing exceptional player created content in future, by packaging those exceptional deployments with the core mod.

Will Entropy : Zero 2 be released in other languages?

We want to be able to support as many other languages as possible, much like the first game. These will most likely only be caption translations though, as Bad Cop (for example) has over 250 spoken lines alone in Entropy : Zero 2. It’s a huge mod and we’re not really sure how we are going to be tackling localization yet.

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