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For those looking back, Entropy : Zero 2 released on the 20th of August 2022. You can view our statement of release here.

Entropy : Zero 2 is available on Steam for free. You just need to own Half-Life 2 in order to play. It's a 7-9 hour long campaign and we are very proud of what we did with it.

Since its release, we have received many positive accolades. We've surpassed 18K reviews, with 98% of them being positive.

PC Gamer described the game as being "the best Half-Life 2 Campaign since Half-Life 2."

At the time of writing, Steambase has listed Entropy : Zero 2 as being the 2nd best rated PvE game on Steam.

We have an active Workshop full of great creations and you can even play Entropy : Zero 2 on the Steam deck.

We hosted a retrospective stream in the summer of 2023 which was great fun.

So, we're pretty happy with how this turned out (understatement)! We've been blown away by the reception and the support we have received from our players.

We have been talking about a potential continuation of the story. There were big changes in our lives for all of us following the release of Entropy : Zero 2. It remains to be seen if we can still operate at the same capacity prior to 2022 due to our new commitments. Ultimately, this will dictate what happens with a follow-up.

The passion is still very much there. We know what happens next. In our hearts and minds, the journey is not over for Bad Cop and Wilson. If we have news on this front, we will be yelling it from the rooftops.

In the meantime, we have a Ko-Fi page for team donations, if you feel like buying us some coffee.


I recently launched another site to show off my own stuff, as I'm always doing things aside from Source. I have my own commercial venture in the works - a game called Bat Blast! I feel like I would be a fool not to link it here! Some of you have been following ol' bread for a long time now.


Thanks for everything. We like to put our players first. That means YOU. We've been overwhelmed with the support and the feedback we've received. Myself and the EZ2 team could all talk and lament for hours on end about the development of EZ2. So many great memories!

We hope to bring you news of new developments in the future.


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Technically this is an update from YESTERDAY but due to some last minute changes it's arriving today. HERE IT IS!

Configure your sight-melons and gaze below at the video. Minor spoilers lie within - BEWARE!

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