Chapter 1 is done! (For now)

I finally got Chapter 1 into an 'alpha' state and I've just finished sewing the last two maps together. This is great news as it means I can start working on Chapter 2 and sharing that creation process with you from start to finish.

Even Bad Cop has had enough of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 takes us all the way North to an arctic region. I'll be live streaming its creation over the next few weeks - you'll get to see me build the chapter from scratch.

Bad Cop is bothered by his past.

Last week the EZA team and I hosted a live discussion. It was great fun and we went into some serious depth regarding pretty much all aspects of Entropy : Zero. If you haven't listened to it yet, check it out here:

The EZA team will be streaming a live discussion again on Saturday 24th November at 8pm GMT. Come along for the fun - we will be answering questions live at the end of the session and hope to have some new stuff to show off!

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