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Let's get into it! Chapter 2 is called: Contact Aberration.

Definition of Aberration:

"A departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one."

You've probably seen a lot of Chapter 2 over the last few YEARS. It may well be our most showcased chapter, as the second map has proved to be particularly useful, in providing us with an interesting proving ground to fine tune combat in Entropy : Zero 2.


Somewhere out there in the arctic is a huge, old comms facility known as 'Arbeit Communications'. It's this strange, megalithic facility, that serves as the foundation for Entropy : Zero 2's worldbuilding. Arbeit is a collection of radar, radio communication bases and industrial establishments that, while isolated are connected by arctic roadways and sub-terrain tunnels.

Chapter 2 serves as an introduction to Arbeit, and while it can't explain how those pesky rebels have managed to amass their numbers in the base, it certainly does a good job of explaining how they've managed to persevere. Arbeit has been somewhat transformed by the rebels; not unlike how the rebels transformed City 10.

The collection of bases have become a hidden bastion in the arctic wilderness. The rebels have long been anticipating an incursion and have been using the technology at the base to monitor Combine movements. The rebels are on edge - especially now that Judith has joined them. Because of this, you can expect some heavy... resistance (HUR HUR!)

Crash-landing in a dropship pod, Bad Cop is the first to arrive on the scene. The rest of our Combine companions catch up quickly - but for a brief few moments he is alone again, in an arctic hellscape surrounded by rebels. Listening carefully, you may catch him accidentally calling 'dispatch' for backup. A remnant of his past. Bad Cop quickly becomes familiar with the new language he has to employ to get his own way.

Chapter 2 features an administrative slice of Arbeit along with a shipping and freight facility. These facilities serve to process new arrivals and resources to the base. It is an apt place for our protagonist to start his adventure.

Beyond the cold externals, chaotic office combat prevails. Desks and shelves become makeshift barricades as rebel announcers panic over their radios. The smaller administrative section of Arbeit wasn't well enough prepared for the Combine blitzkrieg.

The violent potential of our protagonist becomes crystal clear in these early sections. The combat is in-your-face. It's punchy and punishing but fun. There's a skill to be found in sending your squad whilst ducking from bullets. Charging the pulse pistol for that critical head-shot. Grenading an office to see the hiding rebel come flying back out the window. Through gameplay, we hope to highlight Bad Cop's combat prowess.

Bad Cop is tougher than before. You can now amass 200 points of armour to keep the bullets at bay. That isn't to say rebel's can't put you down, though. This time, rebels can throw grenades, melee attack, long-jump, use 357s - and more. Rebels now use a willpower system, which determines their combat effectiveness.

Rebels with high willpower won't think twice about getting in your face. They'll avoid cover more to keep the pressure on and can try to provide sustained covering fire. But as Bad Cop does his thing, some rebels will lose willpower. A number of factors determine this. Sometimes looking a rebel in the face is enough to have them drop their weapons, turn tail and run for it! They will hide until they can muster some bravery to face you again. Are you heartless enough to blow away cowering, unarmed rebels? I guess time will tell!

But that's not all we've done to rebels. Aside from other tweaks, rebels now have variants. You'll get to meet these in Chapter 2.

Rebel Brutes are fearless and deadly. These guys don't need morale. Brutes wear welding masks and carry shotguns. They'll run right up to you and will happily give you the good news (buckshot mouthwash). These badass rebels don't fear much. You'll want to keep an eye out for brutes as they can ruin your day. Especially if you let one go unchecked. He might find a way around your squad - or maybe he'll go and hide up ahead waiting for his moment to take you out.

Long-Jump rebels are pretty unique looking. They have adopted Aperture science tech (more on that in another MEDIA STORM), to better help them get around. Long-Jumpers tend to stick to small arms such as pistols and SMGs. They will hop around everywhere, whilst providing some pretty consistent fire. In some cases you'll even find these guys using crossbows. They make for great ambush units. Try taking one out mid-jump with a charged pistol shot for extra points!

Medic rebels - do exactly what you'd think they do. These guys heal other rebels. They also drop medkits on death. This can make your life a little easier. Keep an eye out for these guys behind the frontline. We're planning on trying something with medics - giving injured rebels a schedule to run to medics during combat. We hope this will increase the longevity of rebel fronts.

These improved rebels can put up a fight, and in Chapter 2 there is no shortage of them. But rebels isn't all Chapter 2 has to offer...

Later on in the chapter, Arbeit will start to divulge it's high strangeness. As you will discover, aberrations abound in Arbeit and it's something the rebels have become familiar with. Temporal anomalies suspend areas in animation. Waves of unstable temporality wash over the region.

Time is not itself within the influence of... whatever it is the rebels are studying... and there's something else... lurking.

An aberration of sorts stalks Arbeit - one not yet revealed by us. This one has been at Arbeit for a while, and has been plotting - biding... time. The status of this miscreant agent becomes firmly established during Chapter 2.

One thing's for sure - Mossman may be the primary target of your operation, but she isn't the primary antagonist in this story. Maybe soon we'll reveal more about this particular entity. We've managed to keep this one under wraps, which is thanks in part to the other entity which has come to be known as 'Sho'.

Which is still a thing, by the way.

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greasy breads
greasy breads
Oct 21, 2020

Wow! Stellar work. Enemy variety will breathe new life into the new Entropy: Zero, i'm sure. I cannot wait to play the mod/game! The maps also look absolutely stunning, and authentic as hell. That lighting is eerie and beautiful. Better than a lot of what I see on Gmod.

Now, i'm not sure if you answer your comments down here, but I was wondering as to how you made such authentic vocoders in the first game. I've been trying to make a Combine Grunt vocoder from Half Life Alyx, but it looks to be impossible, as it varies depending on how loud the user is when speaking. You clearly know a lot more about making a vocoder than me, so…

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