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It's been a busy two weeks of solid development. We were very excited to show off our work last night. If you missed it you can catch the gameplay and the stream right here right now!

Here are some screenshots!

Bad Cop brings the might of the Combine Overwatch to the Northern regions.

We're putting meaning into the meaningless - 'Arbeit Communications' will play a minor role in Entropy : Zero 2.

We're making progress with our squad combat. More on this soon!

The last bit of news this week - during the stream we decided to go back to the name of 'Entropy : Zero 2'. This is primarily because of the changes we're making.

Entropy : Zero 2 is in its own right, a sequel rather than an extension of the first game. So we're going ahead with Entropy : Zero 2. Signage and stuff for the site will change over time as we transition back to the old title.

Thanks so much for all your support. This mod is becoming highly anticipated - even amongst the EZ2 team. We can't wait to see where it goes and show off more Bad Cop.

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For full details please go here!

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If you joined us last night for the Dev stream, you will have already seen some fancy new stuff, including the dream sequence, the new view model animations, some new Bad Cop lines and the infancy of Chapter 2. It was a really great session and we were given some fantastic ideas from the community, which we plan to implement (Bad Cop with the 357!).

For those of you who missed it, you can catch the whole thing here:

The start of Chapter 2 is quickly taking shape. Check it out!

Now I need to seriously get to work on this chapter. You'll hear from me again when I've got more substantial stuff to show you.

Until then, thanks for your support!

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