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Chapter 1 alpha preview

I've been extremely busy this week.

I've spent the week finishing Chapter 1 and working on some spoilerworthy stuff, so I couldn't really stream or talk much about what I had going on. But now, the chapter is built and I can start focusing on Chapter 2, whilst tweaking the look and feel of the completed sections.

Chapter 1 is a flaunt through the ruins of Nova Prospekt - you're literally treading in Freeman's wake. The whole place has become infested with Antlions, which are thriving due to the amount of 'food' left behind for them.

In the preview you'll notice rain but I'm thinking about changing this to ash and having it a bit more dustier. I'm also thinking about changing the Antlions to freshen the experience. I'll see how I go with that!

I'll be streaming again this week. I look forward to sharing more development stuff with you. For now, it's back to work for me!

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