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Chapter 3 - final Alpha media drop & more!

Sometimes it can be hard to estimate exactly how long these things are going to take. Right now we're sitting at the very end of Chapter 3 sorting out the final geometry, playing with sounds and music and also implementing a bunch of code updates and fixes. It's a long winded process, but we're all very eager to get it done so we can finally move on to the next chapter.

I'm aware there has been a bit of a content drought over the last few weeks as we don't really want to spoil things that are happening with this chapter, we haven't been sharing nearly as much as we would like. I may be firing a little early on this, but I don't really mind at this point! Here's another look at the bits we can show you from Chapter 3. There are some new bits in there!


I wonder what happens in here?!

It's pretty toasty beneath Arbeit.

Some familiar cubes!

How did THESE THINGS get here, anyway?!

Hope you enjoyed that! This will probably be the last big media update we do for Chapter 3 for now.


Check out our new team section on the site! It made sense to give our followers some context as to who they're listening to during streams. Check it out!

Speaking of the team:

We are looking for two animators - specifically a character animator and a viewmodel animator. If you think you're up to the job, come and visit us on the Discord and chat to one of the team.


That's all for now but stay tuned. You'll be seeing a lot more from us just as soon as we start with Chapter 4. I cannot wait!

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