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Chapter 3 teaser / reveal

Yesterday we released a bit of a reveal for Chapter 3. If you missed it, you should totally check it out like, right now.

Bit of development trivia for you - What you're seeing used to be chapter 2, but we've decided that because it's so vastly different from the rest of chapter 2, we're going to be rolling it into chapter 3.

This paves the way for a bigger mod. At the start of EZ2's development we only had 4 chapters planned. Now it looks as though it is going to stretch to 6. That might sound ambitious, but considering we're already half way there, I don't think we're going to have a problem reshuffling our work to suit the new story structure.

"What is this place?"


Meet Wilson. You can call him WILL-E !

Wilson will be a 'sidekick' for our protagonist (If you want him to be). Players will need him to get through Chapter 3, but after that you can dispose of him if you don't like him.

If you do like him, we're planning on allowing you to take him right to the end of the mod. That will open up some unique dialog opportunities. Wilson is also able to open locked doors - so there's some secret potential there.

It's all very much a work in progress right now. You're sure to see more of Wilson as the mod progresses!


Finally, as part of the Chapter 3 reveal yesterday I also showed off our new menu for the mod. Nothing is final but I really loved working on this. The stars presented a new challenge, and I had to take a page out of Portal 2's book for them. The aurora is a modified particle script that was unused in Ep2.

Much like EZ1, the area isn't necessarily an area that we will be visiting in EZ2, rather it is supposed to represent the theme and location of the mod wrapped up nicely into one scene. I love it - and I also love the music (Thanks Spencer!)


We have a lot of work to do over the next two weeks - so we will be getting on with that. I start my new career in April, so there may be a content drought for a few weeks as I settle.

Rest assured though, we're doing everything we can to deliver this awesome mod!

Keep following us :D

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