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Our lead programmer 1upD, has been super busy putting together a template mod and development kit for Entropy : Zero 1. And now it's here!

Hammer may not be curvy, but it's still sexy!

We want to encourage community creations using EZ1 content, as this will help to build the foundations for the dedicated community creations section we're planning for Entropy : Zero 2. More on that later on in development.

For now you can take a look at pretty much everything Entropy : Zero 1, development wise. The SDK contains:

- EZ1 Source code

- EZ1 mod core template

- EZ1 vmfs (raw map files)

You can use these files to see how I did things, to build your own Entropy : Zero maps, or use the base mod to build your own mod. Just remember to give us appropriate credit! :D A lot of work went into this stuff. Over two years of it!

You want it? You can use the SDK button at the top of the site or this link right here:

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