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Media Storm #3 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 wins! Looks like y'all want it chronological. Let's get right into it.

Chapter 3 is called 'Chamber Catacomb'.

What lurks beneath Arbeit? Chapter 3 discloses all. This article will disclose some - so if you're looking forward to a completely spoiler free chapter 3, readers beware!


After the events of Chapter 2 our protagonist finds himself in the basements of Arbeit. Rather than housing broom cupboards and and old furniture, Arbeit's basement boasts a secret. A secret that would explain the rebel's hesitation in taking the underground labyrinth for themselves.

"Weird tech" Bad Cop exclaims, as he comes to terms with this new locale. Aperture Science had acquired Arbeit in the past - thinking it would be a good place for covert research. There would also be another advantage to owning an old comms facility such as perhaps, spying on your rivals.

Beneath the cold concrete, Aperture converted Arbeit's cavernous basements into a concealed proving ground for some of their more adventurous projects. It's here that Bad Cop promptly loses his weapons - and meets Wilson.

Wilson is a defective (he's a pacifist) Aperture turret. To escape the lower levels of Arbeit, you'll need Wilson. It's through these terms that Bad Cop begrudgingly forms a connection with him. Players will get to decide at the end of the chapter, whether to leave Wilson in the depths of Arbeit or take him along for the ride - more on that later.

Wilson takes Bad Cop on a journey through the chamber catacomb; a decrepit test chamber design facility. It's here that Aperture put together chamber designs and tested them for... testing. There's also a bunch of other crazy stuff locked away in the depths, such as: deadly blue goo, temporal anomalies, screaming zombies, Xen relay grenades - and did I mention the "Gigantic man-eating monster" ?

Such a thing exists under Arbeit. It was created - or rather, allowed to manifest by way of a certain miscreant mentioned in our last MEDIA STORM. The journey through Arbeit's lower levels will take you into the lair of this antagonist and you'll get to discover just what has been going on at the base, all this time. It won't be easy getting back to the surface, though. And you'll want to hurry - you're supposed to be leading the Combine in their charge!

After you've dealt with our creature feature, be sure to pick up some Xen grenades. These things are chaos personified. "A failed prototype" as described by Wilson. Xen grenades suck in objects (and enemies) in a radius around them and then return Xen fauna equal to the mass consumed.

Using Xen grenades, you can turn the tide of your battles by bringing Xen creatures to the party. Who knows what you'll get? Watch the infighting and then take down the winner. Occasionally you may get supplies back from Xen grenades - something to keep an eye out for!

Best to exercise caution though, when using these devices. You can be sucked into the singularity yourself if you're not far enough away. Or you might accidentally consume too much mass and end up having to deal with an Antlion Guard. Knowing when to use these grenades can make fights super interesting. Consider the consumable material in your encounters and use these devices to turn the tides in your favour.

As stated before, Wilson will help you reach the end of this chapter. If you do decide to take him with you, he'll continue to be your budding companion throughout the rest of the game. Wilson can open doors later on the game, which if you're interested in exploring, you might like to open. He'll also divulge a little more information about Arbeit and it's past. He even has his own seat atop of the APC for extra convenience!

Chapter 3 is a haunting flaunt through rotting test chambers. Kept uncomfortably warm by Arbeit's heating systems, it breeds discomfort. Not to mention, a grim reaper of sorts is stalking... Bad Cop will have to put this abomination to rest. Players will leave this chapter with a deeper understanding of the game's antagonist and motives.

It's a chapter to remember folks and we can't wait to see you play it.

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Mehmet Tekeli
Mehmet Tekeli
Oct 23, 2020

>wheres sho?

Too spoilery I guess. I'd rather see it once the game goes live.


Oct 23, 2020

wheres sho?

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