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Where we been at!?

We've been real quiet. Sorry about that - a lot of different things have been happening behind the scenes.

The big news this week is that EZ2 is now running on Mapbase! Woohoo! This opens a lot of new doors for us, development-wise. Now that the merge is complete, we can plough on ahead.


Chapter 4 is getting an extra map. This one is really exciting! But I can't say too much yet. We're at infant stages right now with the map, so I've only got Devshots.

Trees are IN.

Ooohhhh a cabin!


Literally anything could change at this point, so don't take these as final. I just wanted to show you guys something!

Oh and here's a bonus shot from 1upD's ez2_c2_3:

Shadows. Contrasting colours. Phong. THIS SHOT HAS IT ALL!

The other bits we've been doing with EZ2 are varied.

We've been looking at finalising the mod story and narrative. We're pumping out new sounds and scripts like no tomorrow. We've overhauled our Bad Cop response context system, which really makes the protagonist truly dynamically responsive. Wilson got some new lines and some new animations. Then there's soldiers with Manhacks, changes to Chapter 2 to make it a bit longer, 'silent' squad members such as Rollermines and Manhacks, particle updates, special material updates that can do weird and amazing things, projected texture improvements, a 'Lone Wolf' soldier's story, hallucination monsters, more Robo (ATL) and did I mention: Vortigaunt Zombies?

I am beyond excited about what we are cooking up. We're a small team; but the amount of work that is being done is insane.


I know what you're thinking. Where is the EZ1 re-light?

We've run into a small issue. Everything looks great - but there's one problem.

Dlights. Dlights (or Dynamic Lights) are a problematic caveat to the Source Engine. They are dreadfully optimised. They're locked away behind licensing, so we can't touch them.

Currently in EZ1 whenever you fire a weapon or when someone else fires a weapon, the game creates a DLight to create the illusion / illumination of a muzzle flash. In the wonderfully re-lit maps, Dlights are killing our performance.

We may have a solution, and that would be to replace our Dlights with projected textures. But that's going to require some more work on the coding side.

Bare with us! We will figure something out.

Also, EZ1 will be moving to Mapbase at some point in the future. Once that has happened we will be releasing our Deployment update. This will allow players to create and easily share maps (hopefully) using the Steam workshop. You'll be able to create and upload your own deployments and share them with the community. That's the plan! We have a few initial deployments planned to get people in the creative mood. You'll get to see this thing:

Bad Cop's initiation.

You might remember that from a while ago. Well I'm going to finish building that using Mapbase. Should be a nice addition to EZ1.

Also I should mention, there's going to be some newer bits coming across from EZ2 that you'll get to play with, and ALL of this is planned to come to EZ2. Workshop, deployments - the lot. Going forward we want to provide players with a foundation they can use to continue experiencing Half-Life through the eyes of the Combine.


Thanks guys. We're gonna want to do a livestream at some point over the next month or so to show off some new stuff. As soon as we're ready for that, we will let you know!

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