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Where we're at (6th August 2019)

We've been really busy recently with different things. So we haven't had much time to be public! So I'm gonna update you folks right now. BUCKLE UP!


Chapter 4

First up - Chapter 4. I know everyone has been super eager to see how things are progressing. The answer is well, despite a hold-up on my end. I finally managed to finish fleshing out the second map of chapter 4 last week, and now I'm putting in some finishing touches, to bring it up to alpha.

Bring the heat.

Send 'em in.

Is that a Bullsquid?

Some (very) alpha glowing tunnels.

We also have some cool APC stuff going on, like brand new response contexts for Bad Cop when he crashes and target locking and highlighting for the APC hud. We will show those off in a future stream.


EZ1 Re-Light

Trivvy has been really busy working on a complete re-light for Entropy : Zero 1. In fact, he has managed to do the entire mod. What a mad man! We're planning on doing some testing before rolling this out - oh and we'll be dropping that update with some other cool things, too. We're not talking about those things yet, though.

Take a look!


EZ2's Final Chapters

About an hour ago I shared my draft for EZ2's final chapters with the team. We will be reviewing and pruning those sequences and plans before heading into building those maps. I'd say we're about a month and a half away from starting on those chapters.

Right now EZ2 is the same length in terms of maps as EZ1 is. EZ2 may boast an additional eight maps. We will just have to see how things pan out.

What does this mean for release, I hear you asking? (Seriously I get asked every single day). We have a roadmap which I'm using to build some rough estimates of our development trajectory. Currently we're potentially looking at having a full alpha product by the end of the year. That means we will probably be moving to beta Q1 or Q2 2020.

These are very rough estimates so please don't be surprised if this changes. You're probably looking at an Autumn 2020 release of EZ2. If we can get it to your earlier, we will. It's going to be worth the wait though. Trust us!


That's all folks. Thanks for being so great and sticking with us. We will hope to stream week after next, as I'm away this coming weekend. Later folks!

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