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Discord is up (if you're interested in that kind of thing) and you can get an invite right now, right here! If you're headed to Discord to chat to me directly, please don't take it personally if I'm not around much. I tend to spend my time at my desk working on stuff!

I also launched a Trello page today. I've always been pushing a transparent development agenda and this is actually a pretty cool way for me to show you exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Check that out and keep an eye on it here!

Today I've done a TON of work on beefing up the combat further. You'll be seeing this in action soon once I'm happy with what I've got.

A lot of the impact effects are a bit more dramatic, sounds are being changed and also some of the NPC behavior is being tweaked.

Half-Life 2 NPCs have an unrealistic tendency to stop firing immediately after the player finds cover. In EZA the NPCs will know where you're hiding if they've seen you duck behind a crate, or dart around a corner - and they're going to keep shooting suppressing fire at you until you're flushed out - or your cover is destroyed.

It's been a lot of fun tweaking this and seeing it work and I can't wait to get my hands dirty and formulate some real firefights for EZA.

Still working on that Q&A video - hope to have it done soon.... hopefully... if I can step away from EZA.

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Quick update for you. I'm going to try and post weekly updates to let you know what I've been working on.

This week I'm modifying the already built first chapter, to comply with the changes in narrative. It's finicky work and is taking me longer than I would have hoped - but progress is being made regardless.

I have also been working on part 2 of my Q&A videos - hope to have that up next week sometime.

And finally, Discord is right around the corner. I'll update you when I'm ready to go with that!

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Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Welcome to my new site! It's always snowing here.

I've made this site to give people one place to come for all EZ related news and media. I have way too many social media spaces and accounts and way too many followers spread across them.

Now you can subscribe to this blog and get concise updates as I publish them. Now for the big news!

The big news is I'm going to start working on Entropy : Zero 2 again because I simply can't seem to pull myself away from it. Over the last few months I've re-written the whole story and changed my approach.

EZ2 will now be known as 'Entropy : Zero - Arctica' and will take players to a new horizon - the arctic wastes.

Lots of stuff is happening now behind the scenes. I am going to be doing some community outreach for this project to freshen the experience. More on that soon.

For now take a look around the new site and check out the Wiki that I've been updating! Stay tuned for my second Q&A video that I should finish soon!

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